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The Cost of a Home Renovation



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Home renovation costs will differ depending on several factors. It’s important to remember that no two home renovation projects will be the same as and that when you begin to plan and budget for any projects you must factor additional costs due to unforeseen items of works.

House or Room Size

A great place to start when you’re examining the costs of your home renovation project is by looking at the size of the project at hand.

Are you renovating a five-bed detached property or a two-bed apartment? The difference in size between these two properties will likely be substantial and due to this affect the final cost.

The larger the property, the more expensive any supply and labour costs will be for the project.

If you’re working to a tighter budget, take into account the scope of the project before you begin. Consider what is essential for the renovation and what can be phased to help you reduce the initial budget cost.

Scope of the Project

There is a really big difference between a home renovation that includes painting a few bedrooms and a home renovation that requires gutting the entire property to start again from the ground up.

If you’re only looking to have a few smaller jobs taken on, such as painting and decorating, some plastering or new plumbing then you can expect your final costs to be a lot lower than a home renovation project that consists of a new bathroom suite, rewiring the entire house and adding an extension to the property.

If you are planning to do a particularly large home renovation, do take into account the differences between each room of the house. For example, the work you may need to do for your bathroom will be dramatically different from the work you could require for a living room or kitchen.

It’s a good idea to get as specific as possible with what you want to change in each room and understand how this will impact the cost of the project.

Prioritise the essential renovations first. If you need new plumbing or rewiring, these types of jobs should take priority over jobs such as painting and decorating because they directly impact the safety of the residents in the home, as well as the overall functionality of the home.

Choice of Materials and Finishes

One of the reasons home renovations are so popular is because they offer you the opportunity to renovate your house to your exact requirements, right down to the choice of materials and finishes. This offers you vast freedom of choice with what kind of appliances and materials you want to be used in your home.

The choices you will make will, however, impact the final cost of the project. More common and easily sourced materials will cost less than higher grade or exotic materials, though you may sometimes run into issues of quality if you consistently choose the cheapest material.

There are ways you can mix the two – look into the possibility of feature walls (one wall of the room decorated in your more expensive and luxurious material and the rest in a more cost-efficient one), highlight specific high traffic areas of the home for the more expensive materials or wait for sales of your favourite materials in DIY stores where you can purchase them at a cheaper price.

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